Based in California Octavius has been described as a mix of "San Francisco sneer, L.A. lust and Oakland grime" which is a pretty good way to start to describe his music.

His second LP, Laws has been a slightly over looked classic combining fractured beats with blown-out pop and hip hop.

For this podcast Octavius has done something a little different. He has presented us with a mix of eerie soul songs titled Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - The Definitive Girl Group Mixtape. The mix is inspired by the In Dreams Scene from Blue Velvet and Octavius' sound in stamped all over this mix.


Track Listing

1 Boswell Sisters || Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

2 The Cookies || I Never Dreamed

3 The Chantels || Every Night (I Pray)

4 The Crystals || He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss)

5 The Marvelettes || Love Letters

6 Paris Sisters || Sincerely

7 The Bluebelles || Where Are You

8 Angels || Till

9 Paris Sisters || Long After Tonight Is All Over

10 The Royalettes || It's Gonna Take A Miracle

11 Studio Group || A Thousand Stars In the Sky

12 The Supremes || My World Is Empty Without You

13 Phil Spector Interview


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