Sonic Router Mix


    Brackles & Martin Kemp – Graffiti (Dub)
    Geeneus – Yellow Tail VIP (Rinse)
    Roska – Pyramids (White Label)
    Shortstuff & Hyetal – Don’t Sleep (Dub)
    Hard House Banton – Reign (Spoilt Rotten Entertainment)
    Hyetal – The Rhythm In Light (Dub)
    Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce – Tripped Up (Dub)
    Untold – Stop What Your Doing (Forthcoming Hemlock)
    Silverlink ft Badness & Jammer – The message is love (Starkey Remix) (Dub)
    XI – Ghost (Dub)
    Desto – 20 20 Hindsight (Dub)
    Guido – Beautiful Complication (Forthcoming Punch Drunk)
    Hyetal & Shortstuff – Ice Cream (Dub)
    Hyetal – Gold or Soul (Forthcoming Soul Motive)
    Peverelist – Blues (Dub)
    Darkstar – Video Tape (Forthcoming Planet Mu)

Genre: Dubstep

Recorded 4 years, 6 months ago.


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