Straight to the Point: Mister Saturday Night (Eamon Harkin & Justin Carter)

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The NYC-based duo get Straight to the Point...

Mister Saturday Night is a party thrown by Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin. Eamon arrived in New York by way of the North of Ireland in 2004, and immediately set about creating ‘Calling All Kids’, a party which played homage to New York legend Arthur Russell and all that he loved about the rich history of downtown New York. The party’s success catapulted him into guest spots at Motherf*cker (sharing bills with the likes The Cramps) and into a residency at FUN, at the now-gone Studio B, where he also actively led the bookings and production and brought a variety of talent through the doors – including Berlin’s boisterous Modeselektor, The Egyptian Lover’s old-school electro, and Escort’s new-school disco. These days, of course, he produces Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday and DJs the world over with his partner Justin Carter.

As a producer, Eamon has released critically acclaimed edits, remixes and original productions, on his own and with partner Steve Raney (as Harkin and Raney), for Wurst Music Co, Throne of Blood, Subway Series and On the Prowl. His music has been played by DJ Harvey, Optimo, Rub n Tug, Floating Points, Mark E, Tim Sweeney and Levon Vincent; and it’s driven many a party over the brink.A life-long musician and vocalist, Justin has sung in the chorus of avant-garde composer Butch Morris and co-written and recorded music for the dancefloor with Great Weekend (Wurst Music Co).

Let's get straight to the point...

First record bought...

Justin: The first CD was PM Dawn's ""Of The Heart, Of the Soul and of the Cross,"" and the first vinyl record I bought was The Contortions' ""Buy"" album.

Eamon: My first cassette was Michael Jackson's 'Bad'. My first CD was Arrested Developments '3 years, 5 months and 2 days in the life of...'

Last record I listened to was ...

Justin: The Tlahoun Gésséssé compilation on Ethiopiques

Eamon: 'Ad Lib' by Gerardo Frisina

The record I pretend I don't love is ...

Justin: I have nothing to hide!

Eamon: Ditto.

The record I always go back to…

Justin: Luke Vibert's Kerrier District LP

Eamon: Faze Action 'In The Trees' (Original & C2 Remix) & U2's Achtung Baby.

My biggest musical inspiration is...

Justin: It changes from moment to moment.

Eamon: Carl Craig, Brian Eno, Levon Vincent, Duke Ellington, Philip Glass, Optimo, New Orleans, Detroit.

My first gigging experience was…

Justin: Well, I don't know if I can really count going to Legends in Raleigh, NC with my high school buddies and boss from Blockbuster Music a clubbing experience, so I'm gonna go with Body&Soul in 1999. It was a few days after I arrived in New York. I was as green as a boy could be, and I knew absolutely nothing about it. I was just dragged along by a new friend. I was blown away. 

I remember being on the dancefloor, looking around and seeing what seemed to me to be a representation of everyone in New York, all dancing together. It sounds like a cliché, but it was very real. I remember consciously looking around the room and thinking, ""There's a lesbian couple; there's a middle-aged gay man dancing with his mom (who must've been in her 70s); there's a group of Asian guys, a guy holding flight direction lights, a crew of beautiful black women, a kooky white lady with a bandana on her head, a middle-aged Dominican lady wearing a bindi on her head..."" It just went on and on. And there I was, an eighteen-year-old white kid from North Carolina, right in the middle of it.

Eamon: Trash at 'The End' in London with Erol Alkan whilst studying in London. It was the first club night I had been too with it's own sense of community built it. The spirit and vibe left a lasting impression.

My worst gigging experience was…

Justin: I spent a month during the summer after my freshman year of college working in Southampton. The clubs out there are pretty horrendous. I can't remember any of their names, but they were basically just large frat parties, where either you were wasted or really alienated.

Eamon: I played a couple of horrendous gigs at WMC in Miami a few years back. It was all muscle and silicon.

My best gigging experience was…

Justin: Throwing Mister Saturday Night is always really rewarding and exciting, but excluding those experiences, hearing Theo Parrish play all night at Deep Space (Francois K's party at Cielo) a few years back may be the peak. I went by myself and danced all night. He closed the party with my favorite Outkast song, ""Liberation.""

Eamon: Many a night at Trash & Optimo. Seeing U2 in Dublin on the Zoo TV tour, PJ Harvey in NY this year, Radiohead in London after Kid A was released, Throbbing Gristle in NY 2 years ago.

The person I would least like to share a stage with would be…

Justin: I'm not one for talking smack.

Eamon: I think we've had all our heroes play with us at Mister Saturday Night by now. We've been very fortunate in that regard.

If I wasn’t a musician I would be a…

Justin: Probably in academia, studying history, ethnomusicology or philosophy. At least that's what I like to think.

Eamon: Working in a Whiskey Distillery.

Your favourite Youtube…?

Mister Sunday, June 5th, 2011 from Marshall McDoanld on Vimeo.

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