Fresh Up Records

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Ed DMX keeping it f-f-f-fresh not fashionable...

Ed DMX aka DMX Krew aka a lot of other names too, check Discogs is one of the heroes of electronic music since way back when. Releases have been coming on strong since since the mid-90's on Rephlex, Strange Life, Sonic Groove and more but mostly on his own killer imprint Breakin. His most recent addition to the DMX canon is the 7" label, Fresh Up Records, with a focus on....well, let's have Ed explain it in his own words...

When did you start the label ?


Why ?

To release a different kind of music anonymously, without journalists seeing my name and immediately labelling it "electro" - yawn. I wanted to have a label devoted to really old or old-sounding disco, funk and moog sounds with nice retro label art on 7" vinyl.

Who or what was your biggest influence ?

Visually old soul and reggae and funk 45s. Musically library albums from Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennett, Dick Hyman, plus cosmic disco, 80s funk etc etc.

What was your biggest record ? And your best ?

Probably number 3 was the biggest, where I revealed it was DMX Krew. THe name helps to sell the music. The best one's always the next one, isn't it? Next week we're releasing a double A-side with an unreleased 1974 track from Bernard Fèvre of Black Devil Disco Club, and a newer vocoder disco jam from Tokyo's Yellow Peril Disco Group.

Can you make a living running a label ?

Don't be ridiculous, that's not what they are for any more.

If you could sign any artist, who would you go for ? And why ?

I'd get Prince to do a track with Alan Hawkshaw or something.

Upcoming plans ?

New 7" release this week and launch party on Saturday night at Life Bar in Old Street, London EC2! Keep an eye on this small but perfectly formed label in 2012.

Check out samples of the upcoming Fresh UP release with Bernard Fevre as mentioned above:

Stay tuned to Fresh Up Records on Facebook and all things DMX Krew right here


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